Echo Point Karaoke Club Sydney

Basement, 262 Pitt Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Phone:     (02)92831618


Wechat ID: sydneyKTV


Our Location

Echo Point Karaoke Club Sydney


Online enquiry /BOOKING


Does Echo Point allow underages (under 18)?

1. No underages will be allowed for entry from 7pm daily. No alcohol will be supplied to rooms strictly too. IDs will be checked by staff too.

2. What is pricing for room hire?

Please go to our About Page. Thanks

3. Is this premises BYO ?

 No BYO is allowed at Echo Point including food/drink/alcohol, please hand it to our friendly staff as you arrive. Secuity Officer and staff would check your bags too.

4. What is the best way to make a booking?

Please call (02)92831618 from 1pm to make a booking. If you book for a larger room, 30% of non-refundable deposit shall be taken too. We accept cards over the phone or via bank transfer (one week prior). Online Booking is also welcome but subject to confirmation and availability.

5. Do we have Karaoke System to choose?

Yes, only at Echo Point you can choose either Japanese system (Joysound) or English Touch-screen screen, please let us staff know your preference.

6. Is there any drink menu we could look at?

Yes, please proceed to our counter for drink menus. Given the competitors and its marketing, we will not send drink menus by emails. However, our prices are always competitive as opposed to other Karaoke venues. A beer price from $8.50 to $39 for a bottle of house wine. etc.

7. Does Lock-out law apply to Echo Point?

Yes, at 3am or before, we would shut the doors and no further entry will be allowed too in lieu of Sydney lockout law 's requirement. Again, please call us prior to late arrival.

8. Can I bring kids in?

Yes, if you are responsible adults such as parents and guidances, you are allowed to bring kids (under 18) even at night time. Certainly kids should NOT be supplied with alcohol at any time.

9. Are there any policy in place at Echo Point?

Yes, each room has a room use policy placed , please read through at counter before you are getting in.

10. Why were we asked to leave?

If you are disorder, intoxicated, violent or quarrelsome, you are asked to leave the premises without any refund.

11. Why can't we stand on couches or tables?

Due to safety and hygiene as well as liability, no standing on couches or tables are allowed at any time. You may be asked to leave if a verbal warning was already given.

12. The website or Google Business states you guys are open till 5:00am but why doors are closed earlier?

Due to Lockout law, we close the doors by 3am or even earlier and customers inside could stay until the time Echo Point propose. It is subject to business situation. Thank you for your understanding.

13. What is the refund policy at Echo Point?

No refund if you change your mind. Also when bottles are opened, no refund will be given too. In addition, if you are leaving earlier or found intoxicated, violent, disorder or quarrelsome as well as smoking (any substance) in rooms, you will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

14. Is Smoking allowed at Echo Point?

Strictly No smoking or you will be asked to leave if we found

15. Is CCTV on in each room?

Yes by laws, we ought to monitor all patron activities. Please do not interfere our cameras in rooms or we ask you to leave if we found.


If we found customers to take drugs including in bathroom, Echo Point manager shall call Police immeidately and no warning will be given until Police's arrival.Echo Point takes pride in managing our clean and fun environment. Echo Point has ZERO tolerance on DRUG ISSUES!