This is the earliest Karaoke bar in town where you can catch the best blues, rock, pop, and ska songs. We have incredible songs updated every monthly to ensure your enjoyment. That would mean you won't be outdated. With more than 250,000 songs in the new English touch-screen karaoke system as well as Joysound x UGA (Japanese system). We are certain that you won't be disappointed. A variety of songs include English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Malay, Vietnamese, Italian, etc.

Echo Point Karaoke Club Sydney

All of our rooms are available for booking in advance as well as walk-in  at the door, either on the day of or three days before the coming date.

 ​COVID-19 update - 03 January 2021

In lieu of NSW Health advise, Echo Point is allowed to accommodate up to 15 patrons per booking. You must wear masks when arrive or purchase at our counter. Only 5 rooms are open and each room will only have one microphone.

                                                     ​Echo Point Management.




Location + Hours


We're conveniently located in the renovated section of Sydney CBD. We are open from 12:00pm till late. Echo Point is fully licensed with alcohol so you could have a nice beer while singing loudly. It will be a lot of fun!

Karaoke Songs